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Energy assessments

Energy assessments Oxford, Oxfordshire.

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The EPBD (ENERGY PERFORMANCE of BUILDINGS DIRECTIVE) require that all Buildings with installed Air-Conditioning with an effective duty of 12kw or greater, are require to have an Air-Conditioning Energy Assessment and Report by 4th January 2011. This is the TOTAL Air-Conditioning duty in a building, not just for each Air-Conditioning unit. Look towards your F GAS REGISTER for Total effective duty.

There are other times scales in place for Air-Conditioning Assessments, but most of these have now passed, so if you have ‘Technical Function Control’ of a building with over 250kw effective duty of Air-Conditioning, this building should have had a report by 4th January 2009. If this has not happened, you are on borrowed time! Contact us without delay. Trading standard Officers will soon start checking premises. Fines for not having an Assessment are in place already!

EXACT AIR Ltd. Can offer the Air-Conditioning Energy Inspection Assessment and Reports to comply with the regulations. So, I
hear you say, more legislation to Comply with, more money to spend on pieces of paper to file away! Well, let’s look at the Air-Conditioning Energy Assessment Report in the way it was intended;

AIR-CONDITIONING alone accounts for 30% of the Energy Consumption in this Country. The purpose of the Air-Conditioning Energy Inspection Assessments and Report is to find way by which the User of the Air-Condition system can reduce the Energy use of the Air-Conditioning System, reduce wasted Energy and reduce the CO2 emissions.

EXACT AIR Ltd. has over 20 years of trading Experience in the Air-Conditioning Industry, with the actual Assessor having 30 years of Hands On experience in the Air-Conditioning Environment! Let us put that knowledge at your disposal! The Air-Conditioning Energy Inspections Report will give advice that is designed to improve the performance of Air-Conditioning efficiency, reduce running costs and lower CO2 emission. Now that can’t all be bad, so think of Global warming, you know it makes sense.

These can come from simple Instant Win solutions, low or little cost solutions, use of Replacement technology and Sustainable Energy alternatives. In most cases, if the suggestions that will come as part of the Air-Conditioning Energy Assessment Report are implemented, the report should pay for itself quickly and if the suggestions are kept in place, you will continue to see savings.

EXACT AIR Ltd. Can offer the Air-conditioning Inspection Reports at realistic prices, so if you need a report, but have not yet started the process, Contact us without delay. We will email a Pre Assessment Check List which must be completed before an Assessment can take place or indeed a cost given. This will not obligate you to accept our offer.

But Do Not Panic, if you can’t fill in the Essentials of the Pre Assessment check list, we can help with this as well. We will try to make this as easy as

So Contact us by email for your Pre Inspection Check List. All Air-Conditioning Reports can also be registered on the LANDMARK REGISTER, only
QUIDOS accredited Assessor can offer this. For further information, please download and review the CLG Documentation available
in pdf or Word here

Legislation; The Energy Performance of Buildings (Certificates and Inspections) (England and Wales) Regulations 2007 SI 2007/991 amended by SI 2007/1669, SI 2007/3302 and SI 2008/647